How to Draw Optimus Prime

Optimus PrimeWe’ll, let’s learn how to draw Optimus Prime, the Autobot leader. You know, I can’t lie, all the transformers are challenging to draw. I don’t expect you guys to finish the drawing tutorial within a day, especially perfectly. Drawing a transformer perfectly will take some time and practice. The only tip that I will probably give you is start off a transformer like Optimus Prime with polygons. Transformers are all shapes and they should start off perfectly with polygons when your drawing them. If you want professional help, then I recommend a drawing video. If you really want to learn how to draw a transformer, visit one of our descriptive tutorial how to draw a transformer. Transformers like I said are hard. I would really start off with the cartoon version and then move onto the movie version. Below is a drawing video for practice. Wish you luck and please be sure to check out our other drawing tutorials. All of the tutorials have drawing videos.

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