How to Draw Megatron

MegatronMegatron, the leader of the Decepticons. What do I think about him? I think he’s awesome, like all the other Transformers. I still think Bumblebee is better than all the transformers, but still Megatron is still awesome. Here’s some good news, the drawing video is hard… that’s right, hard. Megatron isn’t easy to draw. I uploaded 2 drawing videos. One is easy and one is hard, one is the animated version and one is the movie version. I think you’ll like them no matter what – it still teaches you how to draw them at least. Let’s begin with the 1 tip, shall we, lol. Okay, first start off with the body and then down to the legs and up to the arms. Also be sure to carefully color the shading. Choose the light direction and then do the shading. You don’t want to shade on the wrong areas. Shading is good but shading at a wrong direction will make the drawing look silly. Enjoy the drawing videos, the 2nd video will teach you the shading rules and all.

How to Draw Bumblebee

Bumblebee TransformersBumblebee, the best Transformer in the Autobots team. I just love the action that Bumblebee does. I really like him, so let’s draw him. He isn’t as hard like any Transformer because Bumblebee has more plated armor, hiding the mechanical junk. Wow – he’s cool and easy to draw. How awesome can he get? When I draw Bumblebee, I draw start with the body because that’s the big part to draw. I start from biggest to smallest parts to draw. That’s all I could give for tips on this tutorial. There is another drawing video from YouTube below. You can browse through all of our other drawing tutorials. I think you’ll find them all interesting. We’ll also soon have some drawing tutorials, like literally drawing tutorials – step by step. Our website is just starting so you’ll have to expect something like that. So, watch the drawing video and then tell me what you think. If it’s too hard, too fast, too stupid, then please let us know. We’ll fix the problem by simply adding another video the tutorial. Wow, you can now watch 2 drawing videos. Enjoy!

How to Draw Optimus Prime

Optimus PrimeWe’ll, let’s learn how to draw Optimus Prime, the Autobot leader. You know, I can’t lie, all the transformers are challenging to draw. I don’t expect you guys to finish the drawing tutorial within a day, especially perfectly. Drawing a transformer perfectly will take some time and practice. The only tip that I will probably give you is start off a transformer like Optimus Prime with polygons. Transformers are all shapes and they should start off perfectly with polygons when your drawing them. If you want professional help, then I recommend a drawing video. If you really want to learn how to draw a transformer, visit one of our descriptive tutorial how to draw a transformer. Transformers like I said are hard. I would really start off with the cartoon version and then move onto the movie version. Below is a drawing video for practice. Wish you luck and please be sure to check out our other drawing tutorials. All of the tutorials have drawing videos.